Bitdefender Customer Support

There are millions of antivirus support companies but frankly bit defender antivirus provides a wide range of solution to every user who are truly effected with threats , virus etc and many other cyber attack which is going to harm in many ways. 
Antivirus are used to safeguard a computer system from different threats, virus, worms and Trojan horse which is going to help them in securing  computer networks whether offline or online. 


Being a novice in this field, it might be difficult sometime to handle and in understanding mechanism of the bit defender antivirus ,promisingly bit defender antivirus customer support  will make sure of the fact that you do not have any problem in navigating through the process.

  •  Problem in configuring a custom scan with bit defender antivirus?
Scanning your computer networks is necessary as because while scanning on a daily routine basis, your computer system might be get effected by different virus and other attacks which is going to harm your system and sometimes it gets corrupted or crash your files.
Scanning can be done in different ways is custom, periodically or at system start up. So  it’s all depend on you which type of scanning you prefer. On clicking a scan, follow the instruction to do a complete scanning process. After scanning at the end, it will automatically prompted to what to do with detected files

  • Handling bit defender file vault
Bit defender provides a option of file vaults where you can store your sensitive and confidential files in an encrypted or password protected logical drive which is highly secure place to save your information. It provides a two aspects which are important in bit defender i.e. file size and password.
File size should not exceed more than 100MB to store your private documents or other documents. Password should be in such way that you haven’t used it earlier and might not be associated with any of your accounts and also follow different standard of choosing a strong password.

  • Deletes infected emails automatically ?
Bit defender comes up with many features. One such feature is email which are infecting your system , it automatically detects and deletes an email with providing all information which files or an attachment is  corrupted. After all you have finished with it, if you are getting an issue and need further assistance, please contact bit defender antivirus customer support for much help.

How to contact with bit defender customer support ?

Bit defender provides many platforms to solve your issues as soon as possible. The easiest and most common approach is used Bitdefender customer support number which is their 24*7 to look into issues . 

Contacting through email is also an approach for getting a help. You have to simply  fill a form with your problem and our executive will look into issues and contact with 24-48 hrs.